Yumeng Lashes - Global Village China Pavilion

         Global Village China Pavilion!

The Global village is a metaphoric shrinking of the world into a village through the use of telecommunications. Global village is also a term used to express the relation between macroeconomics and sociology throughout the world.


Do you have any trouble like this , I am very want to go to shopping but my kids want to play ? Global village will solve all problem . You can play with your baby while enjoying our yumeng lashes’ charming . so wonderful!

To meet the high demand of high quality eyelashes. Yes we will enter China pavilion, stall No. 134-135 !

Usually we just contact through Email, whatsapp, Skype... now we are ready to see everyone face to face. Are you ready ?

Both of us has attracted each other spiritually for long time,

Do you want meet us in person?

Are we real factory or just trading company?

Why our lashes so natural and comfortable?

With these questions, see you in Dubai Global Village!


During this time ,You can make an eyelash registration at the official website ( ) for what kinds of lashes do you want and quantity , then take the lashes to the global village. No shipping cost , don’t worry bad quality, don’t worry styles , we will give you a real shopping !


Beauty is about giving power to women, let them express who they want to be no matter who they are, and play around with trends and situations. Now our lashes can make your dream come true !