Short Eyelashes Don't Worry It Put False Eyelashes Naturally

Short eyelashes don't worry it put false eyelashes false eyelashes perfectly natural want of these props is essential! Eyelash curler, Eyelash, false Eyelash adhesive, tweezers, eye pencil, Perm eyelashes, false eyelashes, a Deputy. Perfect fake Eyelash adhesive step one: with Eyelash curler Eyelash root, clip curling your eyelashes, and practices to light, otherwise it out at right angles, eyelashes will look stiff. In order to keep Eyelash curl, use mascara to set for the first time, pay attention, and avoid the appearance of a cockroach leg. Perfect false eyelashes glue method step two: trim fake eyelashes, will trim its length to the length that fits your eye, which is guaranteed to the natural effect of the law. Perfect false eyelashes glue method step three: in order to guarantee the fit of false eyelashes, suggested gently curved your Eyelash twice, to create a certain arc, so glued false eyelashes easier. After the false eyelashes are battened apply Eyelash adhesive, close to the base of your Eyelash adhesive, use tweezers to position the trimmer. Perfect false eyelashes glue method step four: true combination second coated with mascara to false eyelashes naturally fit together, can also prevent false lashes out into two layers.