Real-life Mermaid 4 Makeup To Create

1. colorful Mermaid makeup eye focus: curl cute beautiful false Eyelash eyelashes as meandering Mermaid tail, glittering in the clear water, the leisurely bloom. Step1: delicate slender false eyelashes are very fragile, is not holding its edge; along the eyelash root, from the length of the eye began to trim out your very own; apply glue evenly into roots of false eyelashes. Step2: finger temperature will help to soften the lashes and keeping false eyelashes of curvature used tweezers to false eyelashes and gently bend several times, play the role of flexibility and shape. Step3: use tweezers Central fixed, false eyelashes Eyelash roots from eye to eye gently until evenly distributed glue; wait a few seconds, then gently press the lashes with your index finger down to ensure complete fit. Step4: Finally, an abundance of a coat of mascara and false eyelashes blend together and create a curl so that you can have as a mermaid-like smart eyes!