How To Glue A Peerless Beauty Eyelash

Make sure eye position, then according to your eye shape Eyelash trim into desired length, position must be attached to the roots of eyelashes, seemed natural. Should not be excessive amount of glue, affixed with a cotton swab after pressing for a fixed false eyelashes. Tips: with Eyelash glue is very important, two people indicated false eyelashes you can bargain, Eyelash glue must not, in case of wrong hands bought three products containing unsafe substances, swollen eyes to be played, called more harm than good. Royce recommends Shu Uemura's Eyelash glue viscosity well and safe. Shanshan like M.A.C, after sensitive tests of medical glue, can even use contact lens wearer. But for starters, specializing in high viscosity of glue, dry fast, not easy to master, Shanshan featured Opera's false eyelashes glue of intimate, 49 and much cheaper, most important a small brush head, easy to master.