How To Apply Mink Lashes

How to apply Mink lashes

See on the internet,also have so many woman search this .so as the factory to do the eyelashes.let's tell you how to do it.

How to use

For the first step,let's choose the best suitable eyelashes style for your eye and prepare the one glue and one tweezer.

the step two,Let's remove the lashes from the many customer rude to drag the eyelashes from the the picture.错误示范1.In fact,those are not the best way.because the false lashes band are very thin and soft.if in this way,it will be easier to hurt.

But how to take,from the two side.and be careful to take the eye lashes.pls see this picture in the below.and when you w正确示范ear the lashes,it's also ok to do according to this.

The step three.Trim the long lashes at the tail end of the false eyelashes with the radian and length of the eyes

The step four.Apply a proper amount of eyelash glue evenly to the root, and let it stand for 20 seconds to maximize the stickiness of eyelash glue

The step five.Press the eyelashes from the head, eye and tail of the eyelashes in order to fit the real eyelashes. Before the eyelashes are completely dried, adjust the eye type with small tweezers and then determine the position. Use the eyelash clip to gently clamp the real and false eyelashes together. The force cannot be too large. The separation of the real and false eyelashes will weaken the eyes

Let try it.If you are interested in realized more information about lashes.

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