How Is The Magnetic Eyelashes

How is the magnetic eyelashes?

In fact,we don't do the magnetic eyelashes.but in recently year.some customer ask about the magnetic eyelashes and when we attend the exhibition,also meet some customer find the magnetic lashes.We ask why them want magnetic eye lashes.they said they see the video on the internet and looks very easier to put on.Why the magnetic born and why so many people see the video and go to find.The background of the birth of magnet eyelash is that some foreigners are allergic to eyelash glue and can't stick or graft eyelash normally. To be honest, it's more gimmicks than reality.We also ask the people that they try the magnetic lashes in person and we also buy some and try.

magnetic lashesBuy some like those,the display video looks very easier.when i received the product.i also can't wait to try.Let's said the try feel.Pls look below.

1 : no matter expensive or cheap, the wearing effect is not natural and not easier.

2: the eyes are often pierced when wearing, and the eyes are very uncomfortable after wearing. 

3: the shape is fixed, the head of the eyes is flat, too short after wearing and can not fully fit the eyes, and there is no effect of eye decoration. 

4: after wearing it, you will pull your eyelashes, which is very painful.

5: only one end has a magnet, and there is a big seam in the middle. If you open your eyes, you can see the white inner eyeliner, like floating on your eyes.

I'd like to stress that, really not easier to put on the eye as the video.In fact as a factory and do the eyelashes business,we also wear our own strip lashes like mink lashes by this way,we are very skilled to wear lashes.but when we try magnetic lashes.not eaier and very hard.just like see on the video.believe they pratice so many times.Meanwhile,it's very heavy compare with the normal strip false eyelashes.

That's all.if you are interested in know more information about the eyelashes,it's ok to contact us.then we will tell you more professional information.