Five Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Magic Eyes Lashes

Eyelashes will undoubtedly be eyes front, lively and glamorous Eyelash is to attract men look killer. But many mm feel that brushing doesn't work? Don't worry, beauty cosmetic edit of network is going to teach you today with a couple of small tools, five easy steps you can create perfect lashes. Step1: use ordinary Eyelash clip curling eyelashes attitude is the most beautiful eyelashes curl and root clear. Sometimes questions, really eyelashes will fall off soon, don't worry, correct and effective step is to clip the roots of eyelashes of hers and then 45 degrees, 90 degrees between curling lashes. Step2: local curlers dressing here is the thing, please look at the picture at the bottom of the local curlers, it can fix your eye or eye end, angle problem for ordinary Eyelash curlers, and can't get the lashes. And it is especially suitable for using short eyelashes, very compact and convenient. Step3: electric Eyelash clip curling eyelashes stereotypes