False Eyelashes To Create Fresh Spring Color Cute Eye Makeup

When makeup using a variety of color, color harmony and feel not a tart tart, it's not easy. Star make-up artist Jan Chan taught: "the secret is not to pick too solid color, color tonic effect through the thin ideal after opening. Due to eye makeup colors, eyeliner a soft brown instead of the usual black, protruding eyes, and closer to eye makeup fresh tone, avoid excessive black and bright color, more natural effect. 1. the first purple eye shadow on the eyes head 1/2 sweep. 2. immediately filled the 1/2 position on the sweeping blue purple eye shadow. And blue eye shadow transition well, dizzy. 3. in front of the head near the eye brows the brow bone 1/2 sweeping Orange eye shadow, later sweeping the yellow eye shadow. Highlights the role of eye and does not smudge! 4. draw Brown eyeliner from eye to eye, after the lower lashes, and 1/2 section sweep with green eyeshadow eyeliner. Brown eyeliner can draw a little longer up to enlarge eyes! Dizzy, one with the green eye shadow!