False Eyelashes, How To Choose

False eyelashes are divided into Europe and Japan, Europe is characterized by a concentration suitable for eye contour highlighting, or want to create stage effects of girls using; Japanese to Taiwan made mostly, the effect is natural, for Asians eye shape, such as Jolin Tsai's favorite Princess 7 x false eyelashes. Price, expensive and cheap is not the sole quality distinction, if you are careless, daily-throwing cheap fake eyelashes for you; if you are incorporating people, your eyelashes are worth the investment, if you want to buy art eyelashes, so be sure to get the brand, the effect is gorgeous and does not have cheap impression. Tips: two people are recommended under false eyelashes, outstanding results, and clumps of false eyelashes is best used with applied eyelashes, make eyes more structured. Royce recommending pronouncement roots, which can make your eyes feel there and Shanshan prefer transparent roots, even too lazy to eyeliner and won't feel isolated. But use fake eyelashes, most closely associated and the roots must be soft, except for a quality brand, wants to muji's only option is to try different products, only really wear to be found, to feel the effect.