Cute Cute Teaches You To Create Pure Pretty Doll Makeup

Cute cute teaches you to create pure, crystal-clear eyes pretty doll makeup and pink lips, it's everyone's favorite. Step1: based on clean skin care is very important, and MM must not ignore this step. Foundations may use BB cream or cream and gently apply a layer, most taboo weight in the summer. Step2: use a foundation brush to brush the BB cream, according to the texture of the skin, gently from the Center to the side and finally the temperature nudging with the Palm, make it better and the fusion of skin. And then coated with cream. Base makeup is complete, small blemishes on the face immediately invisible, there is a clear feeling. Step3: focuses on the eye makeup. Usually earth tones to create a doll makeup, so choose dark brown base, evenly over the whole eye socket SUMI, and remember also in the eye of Oh. Step4: use highlighters or Pearl color eyeshadow on brow bone. Step5: use white eyeliner make eyes at eye 1/3 effect. shining child eyes look big!