Beauty Eyelash Beauty Contest Found In Wong Kar-Wai's Designed Classic

Eyelashes has always been known as "make-up of the soul", fan bingbing, Audrey Hepburn, and stars such as Kate Moss is to apply false eyelashes to the extreme. The travel channel of the beautiful beauty, not only host Kou Naixin and "beautiful tutor" Murrey luxurious eyelashes greater PK, more acclaimed director Wong Kar-Wai's debut project was designed by lavish lashes stunning in person, which made the screams. When it comes to false eyelashes, every girl in the family collection of many styles, Kirke is organizing for this episode brought a big box of your own private collection, and threatened to "make Princes" teacher Ma Rui PK. "Super cool eyelashes competition" link, although warm-hearted and Murrey teacher had brought out the House was a magic weapon, feathers, Spider Web type, ostrich feathers, paper cut ... ... Simple false eyelashes that so many varied styles, which overwhelmed. Among them, the teacher Ma Rui brought by acclaimed director Wang