Wispy Mink Fur Lashes

Pure Hand Made Mink Fur Eyelash with Natural Looking Real Siberian 3D Mink Lashes D629--'Lyon'

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Product Details

This style mink belle lashes can  natural lashes extension with your lashes,according to this particular root design,D664 can cut along the root cluster,and  as several pairs half lashes to wear.

3D mink lashes

Wispy styles mink extensions lash with natural look, the soft band is quite comfortable -not too thin and flimsy, but not overly thick ....

real mink lashes

The lashes style is full all the way across ,so feathery/ wispy like and it naturally goes outward.

real mink lashes

Yes, you will notice the lashes on your eye, but the real Siberian mink lashes make your eyes large and look glamorous!

One of my customer share her experience when she wear the lashes “I am very love this lashes, They're excellent quality and look so beautiful on the eyes! People often stop me and ask how I got my lashes so long ,they all think my lashes are grown eyelashes extension ... ”

Yes, I think this is what we are pursuing for the lashes, more natural and real!Contact us for latest catalog any time!


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