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Our lashes company worked late that night.Although everyone is tired, we are happy to bring beautiful lashes to more customers.

I still remember the night, the early summer night, the breeze blowing, the sweet flowers in the air, and we were lucky enough to travel with our eyelashes designer, so we heard a beautiful story about love, about the eyelashes.

There was once a boy who went to work one morning because he was late. He ran very fast.As he ran to the corner, he accidentally bumped into a girl. The boy quickly apologized to the girl.He thought it was bad and the girl didn't look so good. But the next moment the girl smiled and said it didn't matter.

The boy suddenly realized that the girl opposite was smiling beautifully.But the next second.The girl left.The boy stared at the girl's back and his heart began to beat violently as if it were about to jump out. Then she watched the girl walk away until she was out of sight.

After hearing the story, I smile and said to our lashes designer, that boy is you!

And our designer looked at me and said, guess what?

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Now you can take a closer look at the eyelash design, it pure handmade with the  real mink fur lashes,the v-shaped design, which looks like two people holding each other tightly, each cluster of real mink lashes hairs crossed together.This real mink lashes is very lovely and clever to the effect of the eye, like a sweet elf hanging on your eyeball, blink of an eye, the spirit will shine, let a person yearn for, cardiac.


There have so many different shape design of real mink lashes,If you are interested in those series lashes style and customized package.Contact us to get more information.




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