Mink Fur Lashes

Natural 3D Mink Eyelashes

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For the new serious ,all thing use the newest.Just like the material,process,template....

For the material,The material use the siberia mink hair on the neck.why use the hair on there?

Because the neck hair is short and more soft,when you wear it.you will feel wear nothing.


Because the material are different,so when make the eyelashes,it will have 21 produce process.when make the 3d effect,because the material are very soft,so we created a new technology that the other factory don't have.


For the template,before make the eyelashes design,our lashes designer will make a designer make a design,then the worker will make a tempate according to this design.Sure,we also have a test on different eye,there also some customer feedback for your reference.


If you are interested in more inforamtion,pls contact us to get more information.