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In the talk,so many customer will ask ,Do you do mink eyelashes wholsale?We usually said,yes,we are factory directly.Why we said this directly,because so many company aren't the factory,Only the foreign trade company,just as our factory,cooperate with so many those company.they don't more realized about the lashes.How to the different,how is the feel......

But those company also said they are the factory,How to see those aren't.The best way is go our country to see directly.this is the best method,if you want to do more better and more,this also a ensure to see directly.If you have the big order,as factory is very important,because the pure hand lashes quality is hard to control,Only more experienced worker can do perfect.That's a reason why have so many different  price in the market.

Welcome to our factory to see directly,we are very confident with our strength.

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