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How about this style look?yes,this style are different with other have One column, one column or cross.

 colume,this style are different,this style is Complex mesh.when look on the front,very have design feel.

When wear one the eye,it will look very natural.but the speacial point is like the heavy lashes,it also can make the eye look mysterious.

Meanwhile it aslo can increase eye mobility.Will have bink blink effect.just look the final design,you will think it very easier.but one root hair have one root hair the best suitable area.if the area different,it will look very different and the wear effect also the different.Now the market have so many company copy our lashes design.but the real effect aren't same us.that's the reason why.they don't know the real technology and the worker don't have the enough experienced.


Pls see the more clear detail.This detail is very detailed。Surea,we also have many other beautiful eyelashes style.If you are interested in more style.pls contact us directly.


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