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The yumenglashes for people who wear the lashes first time.A customer told me that is he first time to use the lashes,she told me that as someone with obviously no experience using fake eyelashes, my number one concern was that I'd lose them within an hour. Stayed put the entire night. Wore these to a drag show the other night too and I've never felt hotter in my life! Instant confidence boost.Yes,that's the yumenglashes magic power!!!

Yes,Yumenglashes suitable for everyone who have experience to use the lashes or not.It's very easier to wear,if you worried can't find the better glue to keep the eyelashes more time on the eye.Yumenglashes also can provided the best glue for the eyelashes.The yumenglashes glue are our imported from the Korea.The best glue that we find.If you are the first time to use it,No worried about anthing,this is a very easier thing for you.Believe us!!Trust Yumenglashes,We will give you a new experience that you don't meet before.

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