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There are many lashes company in the china market.they buy the eyelashes from the different factory,then sale the lashes to different customer.they even do many different quality lashes.Do you consider before,if so many quality lashes,sometime it’s not easy to distinguish.Cause the quality aren’t equal with the price.I also is a customer as the life.if i meet this thing,i will feel so disappointed.


So I want to promised the yumenglashes aren’t a lashes company.Yumenglashes is a professional eyelashes factory.We only do the best quality lashes for our customer.We believe What really stands the baptism of time is always the best thing.


Yes,We can't satisfy many customers who only focus on price and low price.Bur we will give the people who focus on the quality the best.We will help them grow up bigger and bigger with our effort!!!With the life standard increasing,more and more people will pay more attention to the quality,and more and more people will love the Yumenglashes.

Do you want to take the lead in the market?Join the yumenglashes,You will have the different life...

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