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Today,let's show a two pair Eyelashes Package Box.The Christmas day will coming.in the before years,the two pair lashes package will become popular.why?for the first,two pair lashes package can hold more one pair eyelashes style.give the customer more choice.In there believe some customer will don't put more pair false eyelashes in one package.

When put more in one package,the pakage will looks more big,not look delicate.Meanwhile,if put more pair lashes style in one package,the value will make higher,then the final customer will take more time to think about the charge.So two pair lashes is very suitable,can make very beautiful gift.In the package also can put the eye lashes glue or tweezers,then make a very complete set.


The selling season will coming,Did you want to have your own package or to start your own business.

This is  a best season to launch.Contact us to get more information.




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