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Today show a eyelashes longer style--25mm lashes D3608.Look this style,we make very big for the distance of the big column.Because the 25mm lashes very longer,if make the very small of the column,it will can't see the certain shape of the eyelashes style.If this condition,When wear it,It will be like a ball in the eye, no beauty.

Some customer feedback the 25mm lashes band are thicker than the normal.because the hair more longer and thick,in order to more better hold the hair,so make the band more thick.when you wear it,the curves will more better.

For the 3d mink lashes,we also have so many other favorite style,Do you interested?

If you are interested,it's ok to contact me directly.



more product - 副本

Just like you see,we also have many other beautiful eyelashes style.just like different material---mink,silk.

Different length---normal,short and 25mm.


custom feedback

So many customer wear our lashes,they said very beautiful and natural.We believe you have a try,also will fall in love it.