Color Mink Fur Lashes

Color mink fur lashes

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I get feedback from my customers, they share some feeling for our mink fur lashes .Somebody say “I've used my lashes several times and they still look good as new. I'm in love with these lashes! They're excellent quality and look so beautiful on the eyes! People stop me and ask how I got my lashes so long every time .... ”

Instead of looking up, it is better to try by yourself !!!

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Color mink fur lashes which is the newest lashes technology with velvet glam styles,beautiful with long lasting curve and soft material.Many color lashes is made by synthetic hair.Now,we make a new breakthrough.Yumenglashes make the color mink fur lashes.A lot of colored eyelashes are stained.but yumeng color mink fur lashes is the color of the hair itself.How is the color mink fur lashes material?

The Siberian mink eyelash are so glam and make any make up look very pop.For the color mink fur lashes material,we use the Sable fur.

The sable mainly lives in the cold sub-frigid coniferous forest and mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest zone with an altitude of 800-1600 meters, located to the north of 41 degrees north latitude. The Great Hinggan Mountains and some of the Little Hinggan Mountains and the Altai Mountains are subfrigid coniferous forests with altitudes of 1000-2000 meters.Basic on the sable live condition,we will know the sable fur very strong and soft.

Sure,no worried about the harm the animal.we only collected the fur in the the season of losing hair.After collected,we will choose the best and health hair to make lashes.


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