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Every pair lashes is a art via 21 produce process.We know it's not easy to make one pair of lashes.

We also know the how is the important of the quality.So we only make the best pure hand made lashes.D624-1.jpg

Today,Received a customer email,She said that she is small and want to this lashesline.then want to begain with the small order.Yumenglashes already consider this condition and solve this.we don't ask minimum order quantity.If you are begainner of this line and don't have many capital.Welcome to join the yumenglashes,we will be a great leader for the grow up!


If you have some experience in this line or have some achievement in this line.Join the yumenglashes also is a good opportunity.We will provided the most popular style and quality to help you expand the more bigger market and consolidate old customer.hot-sale.jpg

No worry about can't find the favorite style,there are many style for your choose.If you have any other idea about lashes style,we also can accept customized lashes.Meanwhile,we also can accept the customized package with your logo or name.Basic on have your logo origional document.盒子.jpg

Contact us now to get more inforamtion,we will provided the best serives for you!contact-us.jpg