3D Mink Fur Lashes

Wholesale Real Mink Eyelash

Wholesale Real Mink Eyelash
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Now,So many people said those lashes are 100% real mink fur lashes.but how to identify the fur of lashes is real mink or fake mink?It's very easier.Ignite the eyelashes with fire.

Look at the way of burning first,Do you see if there is a black smoke or a quiet burning。if have a black smoke,it will be fake mink fur lashes.And then smell the smell,Do you have the smell of feathers or not.if have,it will be real mink fur eyelash.Finally, look at the residue after the burn.If it was crushed, it was powdery.It will be real mink fur eyelash.If it's a solid after a crush.It will be fake mink fur eyelash.

All of yumeng mink lashes are real mink eyelash.if you like,you can have a try in person.