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wholesale mink eyelashes

wholesale mink eyelashes
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Recently,So many customer who don't order our lashes are come back to cooprate with us.Why?

The first reaon is price.those customer are attract by lower price.they looks the lashes picture are also good as us.but when they received the lashes,they find the real lashes aren't same!so they believe the price is equal with the price.

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The second reason is the market effect,many customer order the lower price wholesale mink eyelashes to sale,they find so many people don't like,the market recognition aren't good.more and more woman want more beautiful and better quality lashes.

According to the market effect and brand grow up.Pls don't only care about the price.We suggest you can choose different wholesale mink eyelashes from different supplier.then you will find the best.

Welcome to try yumeng wholesale mink eyelashes,we believe you will love it.