3D Mink Fur Lashes

Customized Styles 3D Mink Fur Strip Eyelashes D707--'Scotland'

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For the material eyelashes, as we know that have human hair, synthetic and mink. About the human hair lashes, They are made by hand tie .We check the best vendor from Indonesia.But the 3D mink lashes’ best supplier from China.We are the pioneer made the 3D mink eyelashes.They are pure handmade elaborated via 21 procedures.The pure handmade eyelash to demanding for workers.Different workers made different styles of lashes.So  We attach great importance to the cultivation of the workers to do the best quality of 3D mink lashes!

Customized styles 3D mink fur strip eyelashes D707

Do you want to do your own brand eyelash or customize styles of eyelashes? Our 3D real mink eyelashes are well sold abroad during this period as its velvet-like appearance, soft band, light weight and long lasting curve.

3D Mink Lashes

This is the most natural looking lash extension product that lengthens and thickens eyelashes.

3D Mink lashes

These 3D mink fur eyelashes are made in single strands of 100% real mink eyelashes that are curved to replicate a 

natural eyelash.

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3D Mink lashes

These mink lashes by far the softest hairs in the world. They are applied individually to your lashes for the most natural, thick and elegant look that is virtually undetectable.

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Our customized styles 3D mink fur strip eyelashes D707 is designed according the different requirement of customers. You should contact us now and get the most suitable for yourself.

Customized styles 3D mink fur strip eyelashes D707