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3D mink eye lashes

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Now,more and more woman know the 3d mink eye lashes and like the 3d eye mink lashes.

How is the 3d mink eye  lashes created?


One day,Our worker are working as normal,a worker make a different effect lashes.as the before eye lashes quality effect,this eye lashes should be a Imperfections product.the worker will throw away this eye lashes.meanwhile,the leader of the factory find this style have some different beauty,then he and designer carried out a long study of this lashes.they make so many different effect style and try so many material and find so many woman to try wear it.After the so many times try,the 3d mink eye lashes was born.In this time,the market don’t have the 3d mink eye lashes,even have little supplier use the mink hair to make the lashes,they usually use the synthetic to make the lashes.


Sure, in the start to show the 3d mink eye lashes, so many woman don’t accept the 3d mink eye lashes,they think the synthetic hair lashes is better and don’t willing to try the new thing.even the 3d mink eye lashes wear effect is more better than synthetic eyelashes.but we insist to show the 3d mink eye lashes and let’s woman to wear it.more and more people see the 3d mink eye lashes wear effect and attract by the 3d mink eye lashes natural effect.With the time ago,the 3d mink eye lashes become more and more popular.




Expect the 3d mink eye lashes,Yumenglashes also have so many other lashes style,just like 3d clear band mink eye lashes,3d silk eye lashes,3d natural mink lashes...Different style will give you different effect,welcome to try the yumenglashes!