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Siberian Mink Fur False Eyelashes

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Today,let's to see the siberian mink fur false eyelashes style-D674.Yes,this style is a style have Left and right eye.Why said have left abd right eye.because some eyelashes style is the circle design,don't need to Distinguish,when you wear the lashes,don't need to see which  is suitable for your right eye,which one is suitable for your left eye.just need put it on directly.

D674 is a style have Left and right eye.It's short inside,then longer and longer .when you wear it,need to put the short part in the Inner eye corner.if change the two pair lashes position,when you wear it on the eye,it will don't have the original effect.

this part of style are very popular in the market,it can longer the eye liner.According to our end customer website sale result,this part style are very popular.Meanwhile,we have many different effect for this part of style.even have some half style also is this effect.Did you want to have a try?

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