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product descriptionBelieve so many customer hear the premium mink lashes.Also see many supplier said those lashes are the best quality eyelashes.So how to confirmed the supplier eye lashes quality arre premium?mink eyelash strips

I want to said,just the picture can't see anything,so many customer will ask the picture to see in the first and don't hear anything.In fact,it's ok to talk with the supplier direclty.talk about the mink hair that them use and the type of the band......................

Just like the false eye lashes band,it have different type and have them own advantage and make a good choose according those.Below is the different band and feature.

Cotton stalk: eyelash folded on the black cotton thread on the pedicle knot, this kind of weaving false eyelash, good flexibility, upper eye comfort is high, not easy to open glue, but tear off the stem is easy to bend deformation, low utilization rate, black cotton stalk stem is the role of eyeliner.

Transparent stem: the eyelashes are folded in half on the transparent stem similar to the fishline, with the best makeup effect. It is convenient to cut a bunch of stickers, and can maintain the original radian after tearing off. The softness is stronger than the false eyelashes of the cotton stem, while the disadvantage is that it is easier to fall off and curl up.

Woven stem: the eyelashes are arranged in a flat stem which is stick to the strip shape. It is hard but well supported, with the strongest shaping effect.

luxury mink lashes

According to them to see and the best is the cotton band.that we use are the cotton band.but not whole band use the cotton,it also have the better glue to mix,if have supplier told you,they only use the cotton band.so they aren't the factory ,just the trade assurance company,because thet don't know the realized technology.

velour mink lashes

This time only said from the band to see the premium quality mink lashes.next time,i will show you from other aspect.if you are interested in the eye lashes and want to do your own business.it's ok to pay attenion in our website.there have so many beautiful eyelashes style and many information about lashes.

If you have any question about the mink lashes,silk lashes,pony hair lashes,customized package...it's ok to contact us directly,we will give you more professional answer .

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