3D Mink Fur Lashes

Popular 3D Mink Eyelashes in Bulk D715

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3D Mink fur lashes-表格.png

Mink fur lashes-圆盒.jpg

mink eyelashes-方盒.jpg

How to were the false eyelashes: 

1.Measure the length of the eyelashes

 Make sure it fits your eye shape. If this need to cut, cut the outer edge cut with a small nail cut. This will avoid sagging at the corner (meaning: no more eyelashes poke your eyeball).

2.Fake false eyelashes

 Create a "C" shape with the edges and curls of the eyelashes inward and stick for a few seconds. It is the best way to take the straightness and make sure it's mold, our eye shape is curvilinear and when worn will be more convenient.

3.Squeeze the glue on the false eyelashes

 Using high-quality plastic, you can put more glue. (It is recommended to avoid glue to come with your eyelashes). If your hand is stable, you can squeeze it straight from the tube. If unsteady, a simple trick: squeeze the glue in one place and dip it with a tweezers, as shown in the picture.

4.Other glue becomes sticky

 Wait about ten seconds for the glue to become tacky (you can also blow it gently in the air).

5.Were false eyelashes

 Aim at the top of your eyelashes and do not touch the eyelids. Glue done very well, so do not worry about sticking elsewhere. Wear false eyelashes with both hands.