3D Mink Fur Lashes

Newest Technology Real Mink Lash Extension D627--'Dijon'

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Do you know how to take care the mink lashes?

Yes, Maybe you were the 3D mink eyelashes everyday.One lashes are used 20- 25 times. Before you were next time, how do you take care the eyelashes ?

Now I will let you know how to take care the mink lashes :After you take up the lashes, use the special glue remover or put into the clearwater with little cleansing oil for a part time . Then clean with the rush water. The next step is the important step that used the hair dry to dry the mink eyelashes.The 3d mink lashes will be the same as new one!   

3D Mink lashes

The 3D mink lashes  are made from real mink fur, which allows for a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately, more natural look, perfect fusion...

3D Mink lashes

Due to the high quality of materials and light weight of the lashes, The mink lashes are able to be reused about 25-30 times!

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3D Mink lashes

We are the manufacture mainly do the top quality lashes . There are hundreds of style for you choosing!

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3D Mink lashes

If you are interested in this line 3D mink fur lashes you can have a try, but at first you need pay more attention to it and you can insist on what you decide.

Just like a new things,No one dares to try easily, As long as someone takes the first step, he will have unexpected harvest...