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So many supplier will tell you.those mink lashes are natural mink eyelashes.But what's the natural?the natural is a compare.Compare with our own eyelashes and other factory false eyelashes.For the first.Compare with our own eyelashes.the hair that we use are very very similar with our own eyelashes.

In the start to choose the material.we choose so many animial hair to see.then choose the 100% real mink hair.

From the color,hair tip,thickness and the softness.The mink hair are the most similar with our own eyelashes.That also why we said our lashes can perfect fusion with our own eyelashes.because we test thousands of material,then choose the mink hair.

Then compare with the other supplier false eyelashes.Yumenglashes after natural drying to make the curves and layer.just same occasion as our own eyelashes.every pair lashes have own suitable curves and layers.It's not same as other supplier false eyelashes.Yumenglashes curves Disorder and order.

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