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Today show a mink lashes natural eyelashes style---D658.Yes,some old customer will find it very similar as the style D601(3d mink eyelashes).In fact,those two eyelashes style the design philosophy is the same.even in the first view to see,the design very similar,also the Composition of large and small columns combain a eyelashes style.

But it very very different,let's see from the detail,the D658 have 8 Pillars and it's longer in the length than the D661.in the whole to see,it will look wider than D661.Believe also so many customer more care about the wear effect,the D661 more natural than the D658.but if you want middle effect.can wear daily and party also.Believe the D658 will be a good choose.Between nature and exaggeration.

Believe also have some customer see the package that hold the D658.yes,this is a round package with a ribbon,Of course,it's ok to accept the customized with your name or logo.If you are interested in those series lashes style and customized package.Contact us to get more information.




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