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A lot of customer feedback, the new crown epidemic, business also affected。Yes,this is a very Normal phenomena。Not only one business,so many business have affected.Now,so many people stay in the home.but all the woman like the beauty,so stay in the home also can make the makeup.So,the natural mink lashes become more and more popular.Meanwhile,when the woman wear the mask and go to work or do anything,the eye make become more and more important,because only can see the eye.So now the lashes become very important.

We also realized so many customer situation,they said they stay in the home ,but the delivery also can accept.yes,this also a good opportunity to make your business more big on the internet.So many customer have them own wesbite.now the actively promote become more and more important.So now this also is a good opportunity,Meanwhile,so many brand don't have the stock now and so many factory can't work.So now have stock is very advantage for the business.

So now not all the thing are going bad,also have so many thing have opportunity.Only can attach those opportuntity and get more big grow up.Meanwhile,so many brand will can't hold long time and disppear.So many brand will disappear.The market will become big.only the people can insist in the end,then can get more profit and more big grow up.


Yumenglashes received so many good feedback everyday.Our quality is equal with the price.For the material and the technology,we only use the best to make every pair lashes,every process also have strict control.So don't worried about the quality.also have so many famous brand are cooperate with us.we don't have reson don't make it more and more better.

more product - 副本We have many different eyelashes style that suitable for different occasion,just like the wedding,daily life,night party and formal activity...............Also have different eyelashes style suitable for different eye shape.Do you want to know which stylw suitable for your inquire?Contact us and tell us your inquire.场合1

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