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Mink fur eyelashes with the glitter diamond package.This Mink fur eyelashes style number is D705.This style are same design with the 3d mink eyelashes D638.just the thickness are different,the D638 more hair ,the D705 more less hair.so the D705 look more natural.don't think it's same.just the thickness are different,the final wear effect also different.the D705 looks more short and more natural,when wear it.And it more suitable for the round eye than the D638.

Yes,believe so many customer will find this style don't have more curls compare with the D638.in fact,this style length also shorter than the D638.When the hair more shorter,it can't make more curves.if make very big curves,it will make the hair all up and the band can't hold the hair and can't have the circle curves.

Same as all of 3d mink lashes,it also very soft and light weight.because we choose the hair is the 100 real mink hair.

if you are interested in more beautiful style,pls contact us directly.



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