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Hello everyone,welcome to yumenglashes page,Today will show you a new Mink 3D Lashes--D782.

This style are very popular after launch,so many old customer choose this one as a new style to expand the new market.Next,let's see this style feature and let me tell you how is feel ,after i wear it by myself.

Yes,believe so many customer find,like the so many other 3d mink eyelashes,this style also is a style that short in the corner,then longer and longer.but the different feature is small column between the large column,this small column,when the make it's very difficult,because one small column have this certain position,Meanwhile,this style are the pure hand made,so it very strick for the work experienced,if the new work,can't do,only the experienced work can do.yes,all of our other mink 3d lashes are pure hand made.

let's together to see this mink 3d lashes,in the end of this lashes,we make a small curl,why make this small adjust,if have this small adjust,it can make this style more different when wear it.How is different ?when you wear it,it will your out corner of the eye look more thick and fluffy.and make your eyeline looks more longer.but this style is a very natural style,but it can attach so many effect that the effect of exaggerated style have.

For the mink 3d lashes,we also have so many other favorite style,Do you interested?

If you are interested,it's ok to contact me directly.



more product - 副本

Just like you see,we also have many other beautiful eyelashes style.just like different material---mink,silk.

Different length---normal,short and 25mm.


custom feedback

So many customer wear our lashes,they said very beautiful and natural.We believe you have a try,also will fall in love it.