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Now,more and more customer who mainly do the cosmetic.Also add the lashes mink to them brand.the eye lashes are becoming  more and more important for the woman makeup.We can see so many brand they do the cosmetic.Meanwhile the people need Lipstick, eye shadow...Meanwhile also need the lashes.Lashes also is a very important part to attractive the people.Believe you also have so many old customer for the cosmetic.If the eyelashes quality aren’t good,also will influence the cosmetic.

So choose a best quality product is very important,not only for the start,for big brand also very very important.the customer not the fool,they know how is the product and know how about the feel.Some customer choose other quality lashes because usd1,even usd2.Pls consider how many old customer will find and will lose how many reputation.

That's also why we only do the best quality to help the customer earn more big market.because we know the important of the product quality.

If you are interested in best quality lashes.we believe we will have a better cooperate,pls contact us to talk long time cooperate.