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We received so many people message about want to have free eyelashes for sample.Even some people send our the address directly,let's send the free eyelashes directly.In fact,we aren't have ability to do the free eyelashes.So many people ask one day.but every pair lashes are use the best material eyelashes hair and use the best experieced worker to make.every pair lashes just like a art.why we send to the people who just want the free thing.If they don't know how hard to make one lashes and don't know the value the one pair lashes.they don't try the paitent to eyelashes.

Even just use one time ,then throw away.becuase they thing those are free,they don't pay anything.So we don't provided the free sample eye lashes.Because we are the factory directly.we very clearlty know how born of one pair lashes.just like a baby from our hand to born.We think every pair eyelash are the special.

every pair lashes have them own values and belong to every master who can treat it very lovely.


Do you want to have your own eyelashes style?

Contact Yumenglashes,There are many beautiful eyelashes style waiting for you.



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