3D Mink Fur Lashes

Luxury False Eyelash Extensions Popular Mink Fur 3D Lashes D709--'Rotterdam'

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Qingdao Yumeng lashes is engaged in a false eyelashes production and sales of industry and trade integration company. the factory was established in 2007, the production of strong that unparalleled production technology makes the products are exported all over the world and bustling popularity at home and abroad , The company is committed to creating brand eyelashes, hoping visionary, capable, cooperative talents to join!

 3D Mink lashes

Do you want to do your own brand eyelash or customize styles of eyelashes? Our 3D real mink eyelashes are well sold abroad during this period as its velvet-like appearance, soft band, light weight and long lasting curve.

Yumeng lashes

The eyes are the window to the soul. Our 3D mink fur eyelashes can make your eyes more charming and energetic.

Our 3D mink fur eyelashes can give you more confidence. Never underestimate your power to change yourself!

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Yumeng lashes

Our luxury false eyelash extensions popular mink fur 3D lashes D709 is designed according the different requirement of customers. You should contact us now and get the most suitable luxury false eyelash extensions popular mink fur 3D lashes D709 for yourself.

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Let your eyes say: we love the world, we enjoy life! Never stop smiling.

Do you want to get more styles of our 3D mink fur eyelashes? Come here, there are hundreds of styles for you to choose!

Luxury false eyelash extensions popular mink fur 3D lashes D709

Mink lashes impeccable product 100% pure handmade elaborated via 21 procedures!

It gives you a multilayered, dramatic, and dimensional look with full volume style thanks to its stacked, crisscrossed layers.There are many styles of eyelashes that suitable for any occasion. Such as Party style , Daily style, Bridal makeup, Shopping style...