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Today,show you a very popular style for the round eye.So many round eye cusomer choose this style to wear day and night.this style is eye lashes D646.This is a very beautiful style,every column have them own curves.just as our own eyelashes,every shoot have them own curves.this 3d mink lashes is a sector shape.longer in the middle,then shorter and shorter.for the middle curves is more better.Do middle column curves more better can let the round eye make more big and elegance,when wear this style.

Meanwhile,this is a very natural style.even no makeup ,also looks very good.We often wear the eyelashes by ourself,Because my eye aren't too big.so suitable for some natural style,can't hold the very longer style,just like 25mm style.so choose this style very suitable for me.For some little eye customer,we also don't suggest wear the very longer eyelashes style,even the longer eyelashes style are very popular now.

This style,we choose a round package to show this style.because the tray is round same as the eyelashes style.so this style very suitable for this tray and package,it can more better to show the eyelashes design and this package also have a video,in the outside to see,can clear to see the eye lashes detail.even can make the detail more big.

Do you interested in more beautiful eye lashes style?

Pls contact us directly.



How to work怎么工作

So many don't know how we work.How to work?

Step1:Contact us by email or whatsapp or the website directly.

Step2:Tell us the style that you want,we will show some suitable style according to your favorite and local market.then you can choose the certain style that you want.if you want to do the package,also ok to tell us,we will show you the package and you choose from it.Confirmed the lashes style and quantity.Also ok to see the sample first.After you want to so package directly,after confirmed package design,our designer will begain to make the package design prototype for your reference.

Step3:Finished payment,we can accept paypal ,western union.

Sep4:arrange the order,the sample usually need 1-2work day to make.we are  factory directly,every pair lashes are fresh.

Step5:We will arrnage the deliverd.we usually use the fast shipping method to send the lashes.if you want other shipping methios.also ok to tell us.

Step6:Received your lashes and tell us how about it.

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