3D Mink Fur Lashes

Best Mink Eyelashes Popular In The Market Real Eyelash Extensions D622--'Ruggell'

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We do the eyelashes line for many years.There are always new styles be launched during the process.All the styles of our lashes are finished by our designer.

About the new styles of mink lashes ,the designer will according to market trend and follow their heart.

Design is a free expression of inspiration.We don't want to specify how long a new product must be given to the designer.
Only when the designers are free can they design the perfect design according to their inspiration. 
We will keep update,and help our customers expand their market.


Very amazing lashes mink, comfortable wear, barely shed, don't necessarily look like natural lashes but they look like you just have very nice lash extensions when you wear them!


The band of the mink lashes were pretty uncomfortable at first, but after trimming them and getting used to placing them on your eye they were fine. Yes, you will notice them on your eye, but they are large and make your eyes look glamorous.

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Perfect for day or night, liner or no liner, instantly make your eyes more charming and Bring you a day of good mood!!!

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To be a delicate lady, 

Walk at the forefront of fashion, 

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Yumeng 3D mink lashes designed for you, How can you resist it?!

Pure hand made mink eyelashes. Natural, exquisite, winking......

A works of art...... A lift style...... Live love Yumeng mink lash!