3D Mink Fur Lashes

3D siberian mink eyelashes

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The 3D mink fur lashes is perfect for going out, it's fluffy and eye catching, without looking over the top , no any burden to your eyes.

"They are pretty pricey but are so worth it, whenever I bought lashes from website they would fall apart after 1 use. I'm on 25+ uses with these babies and they are still going strong!! So I'm saving money in the long run and I look fabulous while doing it!"-----One of my customer share her experience for us!

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Why the lashes said 3d siberian mink eyelashes?

The first reason is the 3d siberian mink eyelash is made by 100% real siberian mink hair.What is siberian and how to get the siberian mink hair?

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It mainly distributes in the cold temperate coniferous forest and coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest zone with an altitude of 800-1600 meters, such as the Ural Mountains, Siberia, Mongolia, Northeast China. Martens are slender, yellowish or purple black. Many species of Martens belong to the genus Carnivora. Most mink animals live on trees.The siberian mink change the hair two time one year.usually April and July,the siberia hair will drop out.When this time,we will have the worker to collect the siberian mink hair.Then we'll specially select the healthiest hair and, after multiple safety treatments, make eyelashes.

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Why we said 3d siberian mink eyelashes?how is the 3d.the 3d is our created.That;s mean the eyelashes have different curves,from the oneside.we will see many different layer.


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