3D Mink Fur Lashes

3D Mink Lashes Vs Synthetic Mink Lashes D614--'Vaduz'

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The 3D mink fur lashes are manufactured by mink fur , The eyelashes are 100% pure handmade elaborated via 21 produces.Maybe many people are confused the cost of 3D mink are higher and why not use the human hair lashes instead.Today, I will tell you this question,The 3D mink lashes are more natural and look like your own eyelashes. Let’s have a try, If you go to the party with the 3D mink fur lashes, you will meet the different people , Whether they will envy your lashes why so beautiful.

Now many people choose eyelashes individual to make the lashes more true.But the eyelash individual hurt the eyes so much.After a while,not only your own lashes are drop,but also the new lashes are not easy grow up.If you ruby eyes, the lashes will the bacteria will be rubbed into the eyes.

3D false eyelash are a revolution in the development of eyelashes.For the beautiful women more added a color. 

3D mink lashes

It's beautiful,natural looking yet dramatic; comfortable; Gorgeous mink lashes !!!

3D MInk lashes

Every pair real mink eyelashes look flawless and perfect for any occasion!

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3D Mink lashes

When you wear so many times you will find that the mink false eyelashes are great that give you a really sexy look and make your eyes pop. 

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To be a delicate lady, 

Walk at the forefront of fashion, 

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Yumeng 3D mink lashes designed for you, How can you resist it?! 

Pure hand made mink eyelashes. Natural, exquisite, winking......

A works of art...... A life style...... Live love Yumeng mink lash!