3D Mink Fur Lashes

3D Mink Eyelashes Before and After Photos D608

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mink eyelashes-方盒.jpg

For every girl or woman, leaning the makeup is the necessary thing. This is our makeup art told me:

1, clean the skin

2, soothing or toning (depending on the skin with different properties) to the skin to add moisture or shrink pores

3, nutrition cream (to the skin to add nutrition)

4, sunscreen Cream (isolated from the air of dust, dirt, ultraviolet radiation, play a role in protecting the skin, we can choose a little sunscreen Cream, sunscreen Cream for dry skin, sunscreen time is 6 hours, Sunscreen isolation milk suitable for oily, sensitive skin, sunscreen time is 2 - 4 hours)

5, repair Yan liquid (adjust our color, yellowish skin with lavender, white skin generally use light green)

6, playing the foundation (make the skin look delicate) choose a little darker than their own color, or with their own color equal foundation, this makeup will appear transparent, there is no fake feeling.

7, the powder or powder (set makeup)

8, thrush (brow frowsty, eyebrow slope deep, eyebrow peak high, eyebrow to clear )

9, eye shadow (to create the outline and personality of the eye) from the outer corner of the eye, the outer depth of the shallow, eyebrow under the Department should use bright colors. Choose the eye shadow matching with the clothes

10, eyeliner (the top of the eye from the beginning of two-thirds draw, draw one-half below, some people do not draw under the eyeliner)

11, painted lip line

12, lipstick (to match their own clothes) bright lipstick must use lipstick to brush up.

13, playing rouge

14, folder eyelashes (first root, middle, eyelash tip)

15, Were the false eyelashes.(cut the band suit for your eyes shape,put the glue on the band wait for ten seconds and were it.)