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Did you remember a story,a boy named Pinocchio,when he lie,his nose will become longer and longer.when he sincerity and love to treat other,then he have the happy ending,from wooden become a real boy.Why we said this story,in factory to 3d mink eyelashes vendor,Also the same truth.

If we don't pay attention to our product quality and effect,when we the customer cooperate with us,they will find the product aren't good.then the feedback and reputation going bad and bad.We are very clearly about this.So we pay our sincerity.honest, best quality and best effect to our customer.Try our best to do every detail are perfect. 

That's aslo the reason why we let our customer to try the sample,when they don't believe us and see many lower price in the market.In the end,i want to siad,give you a choice and give the life a choice to change.Believe and try,you will have different harvest.more product