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3D Mink Eyelashes Custom Package

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Today,show a new 3D Mink Eyelashes Custom Package.This package can hole 3 pair lashes and 1 tweezers.

A good combain to wear the eyelashes.If you want more pair lashes in one package,just like 3 or 5.we also have the package similar the picture.those package are plastic.It's not same as the customized package,it can send directly.no need to wait customized and wait for it finished.

Recently,also have some customer tell us the customized package need long time and the charge also higher.In factory,we have plastic package for the customer choose.but the plastic package don't like the magnetic package have so many color and pattern to choose.but the time and charge have the advantage.

If you are the new business in this line.we suggest the easy plastic package,It is more benefit.and can help you more faster to sale lashes and enter market than make magnetic package.sure,the plastic package also can put the logo on it,it's ok to do hot stamp and sticker to put logo on.

Do you want to have your own customized package?Contact us to get more information. 

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