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3D Mink Eyelashes Cotton Band

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Believe so many people see the band that the different supplier also write those band are cotton band,and those lashes are 3D Mink Eyelashes Cotton Band.In fact,the lashes band are made by cotton band and the glue. In fact is two cotton thread and glue,two cotton thread in the two side and the glue in the middle.Why not use the cotton thread directly,because the hair can't hold,the thread and thread will have the gap.it will can't hold the hair better and the hair will shedding from the gap.

Believe also have so many customer ask why not use the glue directly.In fact,now in the market don't have Hardness and strength of glue, although we have found a lot and studied a lot.So have the method that we use,the two thread in the two side to increase the tolerance of the stem.

Meanwhile use this method also increase the softness of the band.When the customer wear it,Will don't haveforeign body sensation.





How to work工序

We have 21 procedures to ensure every pair lashes are perfect.Why we create so many process,because we know the important of the quality,we we only want to provided the best quality to our customer.

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We also can accept to do the customized package and tweezers and eyelashes glue.Just as our eye lashes,we also only provided the best!!