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25mm Eyelashes

25mm Eyelashes
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Now,the 25mm eyelashes are popular in the market.So many customer ask about it.In fact,the 25mm eyelashes are our factory created.But because so many trading company use our factory lashes .they show the style more earier in the market.So many other factory see the new style,they imitate it and make more longer for those style.But our technology can't replace.Yumenglashes 3d effect are different with other.Let's said the detail different.


For the first,pls see the whole effect,our 25mm eyelashes aren't have more different with our normal length 3d mink lashes.from the front to see,the curves aren't too big.but the layer will look more.From the side,the effect have different ,the cuves will become more,just as you see the 5D effect in the market.

but the Curl is orderly and not messy.

Afer the talk,we believe you will know the yumeng 25mm eyelashes.We believe so many people will love the 25mm eyelashes and also want to have more style,sure,we also have many other style for your reference.Pls contact us to get more style.

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