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luxury mink lashes

Now,the market are recovering.So many old customer restock and so many customer want to strat the eyelashes business.All thing are recovering...In this condition,the quality of the supplier become more and more important.So how to find a strong vendor and find good quality false eyelashes?

100 mink fur lashes

Before have a talk with a customer about this problem.She said she can see so many different price and different picture in the different app.All the supplier said those eyelashes are best.and just see the picture can't see the big different.yes,for the start people.it's very hard from the picture to see the eyelashes quality.In fact,only the picture,it's ok to see some different.In fact,the good quality false eyelashes one feature is very beautiful from the  picture to see.Each pair of eyelashes looks very orderly,don't very mess.

invisible band mink lashes

Then if don't very clear to see,it's ok to order sample.for the big factory,it's don't ask minimum order quantity for the lashes,they will help the customer more better realized the eyelashes.So this is the best way to see the quality and test it by yourself.

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Yumenglashes,as the mink lashes factory,there are also have so many beautiful eyelashes style for  your reference.if you are interested in more information about it.pls click this link to back to our page.



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