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2019 Natural Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes

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2019 Natural Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes.Why the designer created those style?Let's tell you why.

We open a store in dubai,when we sale lashes in the global village and direa.Some customer told us they want more natural style,meanwhile,we show the thin 3d mink lashes for them.So many customer will love,but they told us they want more natural style and hope the band more little,just as the half lashes style.


We also find the small eye also very love the half eyelashes style.According to this condition,our online sale also ask so many customer and makeupartist to get more information.After long time sum up the experience.So many people love the very natural style.So our designer according the thousands of eye shape to test and launch a new series.Very natural and the lashes band also short.When you wear it,no need to cut down so many band,even no need to cut down the band.


The summer will coming,more and more woman want to wear the beautiful false eyelashes to travel.Because the hot weather.the thick eyelashes style will make the makeup more heavy.so the new launch 3d mink eyelash is a good choice.Also a good news,the new serious also waterproof,If you want to swimming,No worried about the eyelashes out of shape.Welcome to contact us to get more information,there will also have many activity for you for new series!!!

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