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Now,the summer will coming.For women who love beauty, mascara is prone to dizzy, which is one of the most distressing things.So the false eyelashes is a good choose for the summer.because our 100 mink lashes have own curves and layers.don't need mascara.Believe in there so many people will said eyelashes extension also will be a good choose.Pls consider,it only can make one shape and can't change.Meanwhile need to pay long time to make it.But for the false eyelashes,it's ok to easier to change the eyelashes style and according to your eyemakeup to flexible choose.

That's also why the false eyelashes more popular than the eyelashes extension.I have a friend she before make the eyelashes extension and tell me her experience.

Because of their long eyelashes, it is very troublesome to use eyelashes to paint eyelashes every day. In summer, they are worried about dizzy dyeing. So at the end of May this year, she go to make eyelashes extension with a friend's recommendation.

"At that time, the clerk told me that the fake eyelashes made of chemical fiber were cheap and could be fixed for tens of dollars, but they looked fake. They strongly recommend the false eyelashes made of mink hair to me, which are less irritating to the skin and more lifelike. Although it costs so many charge, it feels really soft. I chose this one. "

She introduced that the whole process of "planting" is not really to transplant "mink hair" into the hair follicles on the eyes, but to use a special glue to stick the false eyelashes to the eyes. "When I glued my eyelashes, the smell of glue made my tears flow. My eyes were really beautiful after planting, but I felt uncomfortable for the next few days. Then I couldn't help but get it off.

In fact,so many lashes extension aren't 100 mink.it's not same as the 100 mink false eyealshes.so many material are the synthetic hair to make.Little have the 100 mink hair.Compare with the eye lashes.after you make,it easier to fall down.So when the customer find us,we suggest them choose the 3d mink lashes .

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Look,there are many different other beautiful eyelashes style for your reference.If you want to do your business,Also ok.Yumenglashes are the factory directly,Have thousands of style to help you attractive more people.


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